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A Responsible Person – also known as European Authorized Representative, EU Representative or EU-REP – established in the European Union (EU) assists producers and importers in fulfilling certain obligations. After all, non-food products are subject to numerous rules and regulations within the EU. Compliance with these must be ensured by the producer and/or importer. 

This concerns, among other things, obligations from the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG) and the Market Surveillance Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/1020). Producers based outside the EU must ensure that an economic operator responsible for their products is based in the EU. This is the role that the Responsible Person Service by get-e-right assumes.

The Responsible Person – as a link between the producer and the market surveillance authorities – is required to perform at least the following tasks:

  • keeping the EU declaration of conformity and the technical documents at the disposal of national surveillance authorities for a period of 10 years after the product has been placed on the market,
  • handing out all information and records necessary to demonstrate the conformity of a product to the competent authorities (upon reasoned request),
  • cooperating with the competent national authorities on any measures needed to eliminate the risks arising from the products in question. 

The EU Responsible Person Services

  • Provision of the EU Representative for almost all directives, standards and laws on product responsibility and product safety (e.g., food as well as medical and cosmetic products are excluded). 
  • Provision of a European based address, which must be part of the product labeling.
  • Secure database-related storage of the EU Declaration of Conformity and the associated technical documents for the required 10 years, with a public section for customers and consumers and a protected section for public authorities (the documentation is only handed over to authorities if there is a justified request to do so).
  • Testing of products to achieve marketability according to all relevant laws, regulations, and standards.
  • Execution / support for registrations in the necessary national market surveillance databases (e.g., WEEE, packaging and battery register, EU EPREL database, etc.).
  • Support with enquiries from the market surveillance authorities or other third parties by experienced quality and product managers as well as compliance consultants and specialised lawyers.
  • Product monitoring through e.g., random sampling in the market, surveillance of the market, etc.
  • If needed, inclusion of products in an existing framework agreement of a product protection insurance policy.
  • And a whole lot more.

Who is required to appoint a European Authorized Representative?

The above-mentioned services are beneficial to all economic operators in any value chain. We would be happy to discuss with you as a producer, fulfillment service provider, importer, marketplace operator or online retailer how we can support you in a targeted oriented manner.


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