About get-e-right

  • Your service provider for authorized representatives
  • A company of the e-systems Group

get-e-right – Ready for International Compliance!

With the initiative of the VERE Association and the take-e-way GmbH, a new service company has been established in January 2015: The get-e-right GmbH provides the obligatory WEEE authorised representative in Germany for foreign producers without German subsidiary and thus adapts the services of take-e-way to the legal requirements of the new Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). In addition, get-e-right also offers authorization in accordance with the German Batteries Act and the Packaging Act. Meanwhile get-e-right is part of the e-systems group, which also runs its own academy around product compliance.

International Compliance as Mammoth Task

Only the fulfilment of the revised WEEE directive in all 28 EU member states may almost not be organised, even by companies with their own internal compliance department.

Together with the national implementation of the Battery Directive and the Packaging Ordinance, the Europe-wide acting manufacturers and distributors have to take alone 84 different legal constructs into account. Added to this are further regulations such as for instance REACh, RoHS, Product Safety Act, CE conformity, etc.

Therefore, the compliance manager in the company has an enormous responsibility and is often left alone with a huge number of regulations. Their relief is imperatively recommendable in order to ensure a successful compliance management. Thus, we founded get-e-right to provide comprehensive support.

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