Document titled GPSR with a magnifying glass placed over a warning sign
General Product Safety Regulation (EU) 2023/988 obliges
GPSR Risk Analysis Required

Mandatory for almost every product: According to the GPSR, producers must draw up technical documentation for the products they place on the market. The technical documentation must be based on an internal risk analysis.

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General Product Safety Regulation requires Responsible Person
EU Responsible Person Service for the GPSR and more

Since 16 July 2021, it is against the law to sell products with CE marking without a Responsible Person in the EU. In addition, a Responsible Person must also be specified in accordance with the General Product Safety Regulation (EU) 2023/988.


We are certified

according to ISO 9001:2015 (quality management) and 14001:2015 (environmental management)

ISO 9001 Quality Management

“Group-wide quality management system”

Our quality management system ensures that all services are always aligned with the needs and expectations of our customers. In addition, clear definitions of business processes and procedures have been created, which will ensure consistent reliability of our services and technologies deployed.

In this way, we have created a lasting and, above all, sustainable basis for the continued success of the group of companies in order to continuously fulfil the trust placed in us by our customers in the best possible way.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

“Group-wide Environmental Management - Acting Consciously”

As part of our work as a service and consulting company in almost all areas of environmental legislation and product safety, one of our daily tasks is to deal with resource protection, waste avoidance and sustainability aspects. However, for us, this does not stop at simply fulfilling duties and laws for our customers; instead, we also perceive see this as one of the highest duties for ourselves and our environment.

With our certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, we have now taken the next step towards becoming an environmentally friendly and sustainable group of companies. We have thus established a sound and globally recognised basis that will support and ensure the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, as well as the achievement of our environmental goals.

Certificate specialised waste Management company (DE)

take-e-way GmbH is a waste management company as defined by §56 of the Circular Economy Act, in conjunction with the Ordinance on Specialist Waste Management Companies.
The requirements ruling the activities of a dealer/distributor are ensured and certified in line with the appropriate required internal organisation and equipment, as well as the qualifications of the employees.
The selected waste management companies are carefully chosen and inspected on a regular basis.

Our objective is to ensure a high level of quality in waste management.

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